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I am here and alive, if anyone cares.

So what’s new? I have completed 3 weeks of class, i.e. on class down and…ummm… not really sure how many more to go, but definitely more than one. I think I did pretty well in the class and the instructor seemed to agree with me. This class covered basic cooking and knife skills, which my instructor says I have a good grasp of, according to my friend in class. Today we started a new class, intro to baking and pastry, and I think this one will be just as fun.

I bought a bike! It’s shiny! I have only had the chance to go on a couple rides because the weather declined right after I bought it, but I hope to ride it to work on Sundays and get in the occasional week day ride when I can. It’s a Specialized Vienna, which is a cross style bike, and I love it.

I have been knitting. I finished a pair of Nutkin socks in some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock  I received from Cookie A for sample knitting Cauchy for her book Sock Innovation



I also recently started Aquaphobia and totally love how they are turning out.


Now I should get back to typing my notes from class like a responsible student, or maybe I will just read my book.  It is getting good.


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